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What to bring to trek the Quilotoa loop

Ecuador Highlands trekking adventure trip (4-5 Day)

What to bring to the  Quilotoa Loop Adventure trip.  In this area the temperatures vary from around 0°C(32°F) to 5°C(41°F)  at night, and  during the day it can raise to 25°C(77°F) / 30°C(86°F),  in some parts of the trek can be very windy, the area is very dusty  due to the volcanic nature of the “Cordillera de los Andes”.

  • Warm clothing:  We recommend that you take a polar tech fleece, an underwear warm layer, a waterproof jacket just in case it rains, You should also bring  also warm and comfortable clothes to be at the hotels by night, a light down jacket is a very good option to bring.quilotoa-loop_9
  • Gloves, scarf or buff, hat: Gloves are really good to wear when is windy, a thin pair of gloves are enough for this weather, a buff is a good choice to protect your neck and keep you warm and isolated,  a hat to protect your face and neck from the sun, also a buff can be very useful to protect your respiratory tract from the dust and wind.
  • Water: Bring a bottle of water to refill it, every day in the morning before the trek you should refill for the day, we always have big gallons of water to drink because water from the tap is not recommendable.
  • Sunglasses: During the day the sun can be very strong and sunglasses also protect your eyes from dust in the air.
  • Sun protection: A bottle of sunscreen will be enough, wear them every day and reapply a couple of times a day, depending on your skin you could choose from 30 to 100 of Sun Protection Factor, be aware that cosmetics are expensive in Ecuador just in case you want to buy them here.descending-to-the-crater-lagoon_5292769504_o
  • Hiking shoes: Usually is better if you have a pair of trekking shoes you feel comfortable with, we recommend waterproof shoes, the best we had tried are shoes made with gore-tex, they are waterproof, breathable and comfortable, cross country type.
  • Camera: In this trip, you can bring any camera that you like, from an iPhone to a reflex type of cameras, the Go-Pro cameras take very nice shots, any picture will be awesome with so many views on the way, also please bring enough SD memory, a little more that you think worked for me, please also here be aware that electronics cost around the double price that in the US or Europe due to taxes if you are thinking about getting some stuff once you are here.
  • Trekking & Long socks: Having at least 1 pair of trekking socks per day would work just fine, a couple extra long socks would be better to change once in the hotels to keep you warm and dry after a long day of walking.
  • Trekking & Warm pants: The right pants are essential for this trek, they need to be comfortable, you should be able to move with freedom and made from a light and windproof material,  a couple of this would be great, there is a type of trekking pants that you can transform into shorts that make it easier to wear during the day can get very warm. Also, a pair of warm pants to hang out at the hotel during the cold Andean nights they could cotton or  polar-tech or any pant that you feel comfortable with to keep you warm.
  • Waterproof jacket: This is an essential item, you need a waterproof jacket just in case it rains but mostly to keep you isolated from the strong winds.quilotoa-loop_1
  • Pole sticks: pole sticks in our trip we provide them unless you bring your own, they are very helpful to support your knees and distribute your weight in your arms too, it helps in the many uphills and downhills parts of the route.
  • Day Back Pack: In this trip, you can just take your day backpacks to walk with, you should be able to fit water, cameras, snacks, first aid kit (guide we always have one), any special medicine you use, your backpack should have support on the waist to make it easier to carry.
  • Suitcase or backpack: You can bring a suitcase or a backpack with all your stuff, one per person would be best to make them all fit at our transport. 
  • Snacks: You can bring some granola bars and sweets to give you more energies during the trek, also some nuts or dry fruits would be delicious! we provide lunch at local restaurants or box lunch.
  • Headlamp:  Having a headlamp is very useful to see all your stuff, also to walk during the night in some places that are not very illuminated, also is good for you to pack and unpack, please bring fully charged batteries.

Please if you have any recommendation of what to bring please find us on Facebook and leave a comment.

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