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Easter Week In Argentina: A Mix of Nature and Nurture

Estancia La Paz Cordoba

At Easter, 2.4 million people are expected to visit different touristic sites in Argentina.  Easter in Argentina is a magical mix of religion and revolution. From the capital to the estancias and cities perched in the Andes, the country celebrates this holiday with a mix of devotion and passive revolution.

In Buenos Aires (Capital Federal), you can choose from thousands of activities, promotions, and all the tourist services you need, but the theme park Holy Land (just minutes from the city of Buenos Aires) became a true classic for Easter. It organizes a very creative staging throughout the week. In addition, within 100 km of the city, you can find paradisiacal sites, where you can relax by the river, e.g. Luján, Tigre, Capilla del Señor, Cañuelas just to name a few.

Here are some places you can visit during Easter that can give you an experience different from your classic Easter holiday idea:


Most of the estancias are livestock farms, but their homes have opened doors to visitors who want to get in touch with rural life.

Currently, owners are catering to guests and share with them their life, their customs and daily activities: horseback riding, driving cattle, shearing sheep, working in the orchard, fishing, etc.

An important finding: good food, from gourmet to traditional dishes.

For more information:

Easter in Patagonia: Health Tourism in Argentine Thermal Centres


Patagonia has many geographical faults with remarkable geothermal and volcanic activity. These characteristics explain the existence of a wide number of sources of thermal waters. The healing and relief of many diseases in this water “miracle” have been practiced since antiquity, but only in the last few years, has been created a comfortable infrastructure to enjoy the water flowing from the earth.

The natural beauty surrounding these centres, contribute to the sense of well being as well physically as psychologically and it is wonderful to visit these areas during Easter.

Argentina has two other places recognized by the world of Health Tourism:

Entre Ríos:

Due to the large influx of visitors -more than 1.5 million last year- its government is drafting regulations in order to meet certain quality standards in every hot spring resort.

Cacheuta, Mendoza:

Here you can enjoy the benefits of the Thermal Water Park and Adventure Tourism: horseback riding, hiking, zip line, rappelling, rafting, hydro, etc. This park, due to low investment, does not offer the comfort of other places, but an excellent care. Prices may seem high for the characteristics of the establishment.

Buenos Aires, The Capital and its Surroundings

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    Of course I can help you to find the Estancias in Argentina with the highest price. They are called “Luxury Estancias”. Here I give you a list of the most prominent places, but on you will find all the information you are seeking.
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    – Estancia del Spa de Lujo (Provincia de Buenos Aires):
    – Estancia de la Casa Normanda (Provincia de Buenos Aires):
    – Estancia Mira al Río (Provincia de Buenos Aires):
    – Palacio Andaluz (Provincia de Buenos Aires):
    – Estancia del Lago (Provincia de Córdoba):

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