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Ecuador | Whitewater Kayaking National Tournament 2008.

Rafting Ecuador SAEC 3group 31 may 2008

The Second National Slalom & Down River Kayak Championships (Ecuador chapter) organized by the “Federacion Ecuatoriana de Canotaje” will be held in Bucay, Guayas, Ecuador on July 19th, 2008. The chosen river is the Chimbo, a class III river. It is not a commercial river, so not many people know how to run it which makes the competition even more interesting.

Since kayaking is a new sport in Ecuador, this time there are no restrictions about kayak types that can enter the competition. The tournament is open to Ecuadorian and foreign kayakers.

The competition has two categories. The Slalom which consist in passing through  gates as clear and fast as possible. And the Down River Race where all the paddlers race trough the rapids in a five kilometers section of class II  and III rapids.

I have participated in the last 5 competitions and in the last two I got the second place. I am hoping to do better this time around.

Wish me luck!

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