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Galapagos Last Minute

The Galapagos Last Minute option is a discounted offer that we update every time we receive availability from our partners with terrific discounted prices, we have this offers for limited time, usually within one month before the departure.

To be able to take this offers you need to be aware that you have to decide to book very quick or you take the risk of losing your spaces and a full payment has to be made immediately including flights.

Flights to Galapagos: need to be booked by the tour operator in Galapagos as usually the have already blocked the spaces with the airline, this is needed because booking a flight to Galapagos sometimes are not available if you try to book by yourself.

We are working with a great online platform that allowed us to make online booking, that make all this process much easier for our clients and for our Barefoot team.

Before you book your trip online you could contact us to for any questions, free information or any other request for your amazing trip in Ecuador and Peru.

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