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I am running a race: 15K Quito-Ultimas Noticias . Wish me luck

The Quito Ultimas Noticias race in Quito, Ecuador is a tradition. June 1st 2008 will be the 47th edition and I am competing.

When I started running the Ultimas Noticias -in 2002- it was a 14 kilometers race, whith the unforgettable hill called “heart-breaker”, it was a steep slope of about 500 meters in the Old town of Quito. Three years ago the organizers changed the route and now is a little more friendly with smoother uphills and downhills, but they added 1 kilometer, and has become the famous Ultimas Noticias 15k.

The race is great, in former years people would run without shoes: barefoot!! -tought guys-, I have seen people over their seventies running, and the people in the sidewalks cheering the runnres up, that is the best part of it, they make you feel like if you were the best athlete in the world!

Usually I never register for a race, I just run -as a friend say- “free lance”, without a number, without timing, just for fun, but this time I registered for the race, it is going to be fun to have the chip in my running shoes, and can check my times in the internet!


  1. Muchas Gracias!!
    La carrera estuvo genial!, voy a ver si tengo un premio por llegar entre las 50 primeras de mi categoria..

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