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Ivan Vallejo: Climbing The World’s 14 Highest Mountains

An inspiring soul. That is how I would describe Ivan Vallejo, a strong man on his late forties, that is about to achieve something that less than 20 people in the world have achieved: Climbing the fourteen (14) highest mountains in the world without artificial oxigen. Ivan is Ecuadorian and when he was little he dreamed about reaching the summit of Mount Everest. Ivan has done it twice without oxigen.
Around May 1st 2008 -if everything goes well- Ivan Vallejo will reach the summit of Dhaulagiri -on his third attempt to this mountain. As a friend, I hope he does ok, and that he comes back safe.


  1. I saw you on TV the other morning and I think you are incredible. I think you are an amazing climber for your age. I also think that you are so handsome. I would love to meet you. I’m sure you get these offers often. I wonder what it would be like to be at the top of this amazing place. I imagine that it would be total freedom and complete peace. It must feel that you are touching God. You have a purpose in your life and you have accomplished it. You are fantastic! I was so impressed. Thank you so much. If you ever travel to Southern California, it would be fantastic to meet you. Perhaps you can come to my classroom and tell my students all about you adventures. I teach elementary students. Hope to hear form you. Thank you!

  2. Estimado Ivan,

    What you have achieved is amazing. I have been following the news and climbing with you in my thoughts as you have accomplished your dreams. You are the kind of person we need in Ecuador – inspiring, patient and hardworking. As you mentioned in one of your journals, what a great way to celebrate Labor Day (dia del trabajo) by reaching the summit of your 14th 8000 meter peak. It is sad that the media in Ecuador did not mention much about such an achievement – but is not a surprise. I thank you for carrying the Ecuadorian flag with you to all 14 highest peaks. You make us proud. I am a rock climber, mountain bike rider, and have attempted to climb a few mountains. I appreciate what you have accomplished and I really hope more people from our Ecuador recognize what have done, but more than anything I hope you get them inspired to work as hard as you have to bring our country together and to eliminate such a gap between poor and rich. Only hard work and human sensitivity will accomplish this.

    Congratulations and thanks for carrying the name of your country, our country to the highest peaks in the world.

  3. Dear Ivan!

    Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!
    You remember me and my friends from Austria.You lead us to Cotopaxi!
    I read in the newspaper when Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner said that she met you on the top of Dhaulaghiri, your 14. conquer of all 8000 of the world.
    All the best for your life!

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