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Ivan Vallejo (Ecuador) Conquers the 14 Eight-Thousanders.

On May 1st, Ivan Vallejo reached the summit of Dhaulagiri (white mountain), becoming the seventh person on earth to climb the 14 eight-thousanders without supplied oxygen.For those of us that were following his expedition blog on his expedition to the Dhaulagiri, it was like being there, waiting for good weather conditions -for days-, feeling nervous about the summit attempt, and feeling fear thinking that he may not come back safe. But thank the gods of the universe that he is back safe.

What Ivan Vallejo did is amazing. Amazing not only at a personal level but at a global scale. However, Ecuadorian TV channels and the rest of the media only treated it like something unimportant and not worthy of good coverage. Instead they spent hours showing the mediocre local soccer championship over and over.

Newspapers did the same. They ignored Ivan Vallejo´s achievement and placed a short story in the sports section. In a comment (Spanish) in the newspaper website somebody said that it should be a front-page news, and I agree.

I think that this kind of achievements make people feel proud of their nationality and feel motivated in their jobs. Which is what Ivan Vallejo is trying to make us feel by making his dreams come true. But the communication channels are not helping to share this groundbreaking and inspiring news with the people of a country that need this kind of motivation.

Once again, congratulations to Ivan Vallejo. You make us PROUD!

I can´t wait when he is comming back to Ecuador to give him a big hug!


  1. Dear Ivan:
    Do you have or plan to write your biografy?
    If you do have where can be found?
    thanks a lot for all your efforts you don’t know how much I appreciate your achievements, since once I went to hear your adventures and motivational speech before I left the country.
    You are an example

  2. wow! found this site thru michael pollock’s solostream’s getting to be a social network all of it’s own.
    Ecuador looks just stunning and I think it is brilliant (and i don’t mean to be patronising in some colonial British way) that more and more exponents from more and more countries are achieving more and more amazing things. I write a blog about walking in the mountains, perhaps you might like to drop by some time or maybe even author an article (well here’s hoping)

  3. Dear Ivan Vallejo,
    You achieved a splendid feat being that rare 7th person to have climbed all the 14 8000ers of the world. It is a splendid acievement. Thousand kudos to you & your countrymen, the Ecuadarians.

  4. Estimado Ivan,

    What you have achieved is amazing. I have been following the news and climbing with you in my thoughts as you have accomplished your dreams. You are the kind of person we need in Ecuador – inspiring, patient and hardworking. As you mentioned in one of your journals, what a great way to celebrate Labor Day (dia del trabajo) by reaching the summit of your 14th 8000 meter peak. It is sad that the media in Ecuador did not mention much about such an achievement – but is not a surprise. I thank you for carrying the Ecuadorian flag with you to all 14 highest peaks. You make us proud. I am a rock climber, mountain bike rider, and have attempted to climb a few mountains. I appreciate what you have accomplished and I really hope more people from our Ecuador recognize what have done, but more than anything I hope you get them inspired to work as hard as you have to bring our country together and to eliminate such a gap between poor and rich. Only hard work and human sensitivity will accomplish this.

    Congratulations and thanks for carrying the name of your country, our country to the highest peaks in the world.

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