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The Rio Napo Festival: A Community Comes Together To Celebrate The Outdoors

The Napo River Festival is a special annual event organized by the Fundacion Rio Napo and supported by the Ecuadorian Rivers Institute to raise awareness of the Napo watershed and its importance to everyone. This unique gathering seeks to educate the public about watershed issues, preserve cultural traditions, and promote sustainable forms of development and resource management, by sharing between people and cultures towards the common thread of water and life.

For the amazon communities, rivers had always been part of their lifes as a mean of communication and as a source of food and life. Napo river is specially important as the last major tributary of the Amazon River in Ecuador which remains free-flowing and has minimal development and contamination in its headwaters.

Since 2005, Barefoot Expeditions is supporting the Napo River Festival, to ensure that it continues to be a well-publicized event that makes a powerful statement to preserve the integrity of the resource.

In 2008, the Napo River Festival will be held in January, from Friday 11th until Sunday, 13th. there will be different kinds of activities such as the election of the Festival Queen, Handicrafts, Rafting and kayak championships, Typical boats race (handmade balsa wood boats), Painting contest for kids.
Barefoot Expeditions is organizing a rafting team for the Festival. We are inviting people to join this festival and enjoy the rivers and creeks in the Napo watershed are world class rafting and kayaking destinations.
If you are interested on joining our group contact us:

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