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Running Two 10K Races in One Weekend.

Race Nike
Race Nike

Running races are very popular events in Quito.  During the year there are several races, such as the “Ultimas Noticias 15k”, “UTE, 10k”, “Pronaca 5k”, and several races held in certain neighborhoods of the city.

A couple of weeks ago, many runners had to choose on either running the “Ruta de las Iglesias 10k” on Saturday, August 30th or running the “Human Race, 10k” -organized by Nike as a simultaneous event in 25 cities of the world on Sunday, August 31st.

Some of us decided to run both races, and in my case both of them I ran freelance without a number.

logo ruta de las iglesias

The  “Ruta de las iglesias” -Churches race-, for me is the most fun race of the year because it is held at night and it goes through the narrow and steep streets of the old city.  The route is some kid of zig-zag in the colonial Quito and finishes in the north of the city.  The “Ruta de las iglesias” is one of the hardest races of Quito because you have to run through steep streets that sometimes can hurt your knees, also, the streets are too narrow, it is very dark, and it is easy to fall down and create a mess. This year there were more than 4500 runners, I even found a 9-year-old boy running, he is amazing!

I took my video-camera to this race, I filmed as I ran, but I am still reading the Kino manual so I can edit the video, I will let you know when I can create something nice with the scenes I took.

mapa ruta de las iglesias

ruta de las iglesias


The sunday race, the Nike 10k, is an easier one in Quito, most of it is flat.  This year there were more than 5000 runners in Quito, the fun thing about this race is that the same day there are thousands of people running in other 24 cities such as New York, Madrid, Paris, Montevideo, etc.. It is a fancy race here, maybe half of the runners participate just because it is “in”  and to show their new outfit.  But not because they like running.  Anyway, it was also fun to run this race!.  After the 20k of the weekend, with some friend we went to the Papallacta hot springs, to relax our muscles.  It was a great reward after running both races.

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