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Quito, Ecuador: The Revival of A South American Gem.

The New York Times has a great piece about Quito titled An Old Capital’s New Look in Ecuador. The article highlights Quito’s revival after the renovation of the city center which took place a few years ago.

We’ve written about Quito’s revival in a previous post which highlights not only the Old Town but also the surroundings for outdoor activities and the fact that Quito is the capital of South America for Spanish lessons.

Quito is a different city. Proud of its beauty and unique mixture of new and old.

The New York Times (in collaboration with Frommer’s) recommends the following spots:

La Compañía de Jesús

Fundación Guayasamín

Iglesia de San Francisco

Ortega P. & Hijos || Website

Café Libro || Website

Olga Fisch Folklore || Website

Ecuador Adventures suggests the following in addition to the New York Times suggestions

Rosy Revelo || Website

Rosy is an up and coming Ecuadorian artist who has developed her own unique representation of Ecuadorian customs and traditions through a mostly abstract style.

Teleferiqo || Website

Quito’s latest and greatest tourist attraction opened to the public July 2, 2005 and offers some of the most spectacular and most easily accessible views of the city. Eighteen gondolas soar up the walls of the mountain range to the west of Quito leading to the Pichincha. Read more

Where to stay?

We agree with The New York Times’ recommendation. Patio Andaluz is a wonderful hotel located in Quito’s Old Town. We always recommend this hotel for our guests, however, we can offer a much better deal in our featured all inclusive packages than what you can find in their website or other third party websites. Barefoot Expeditions has a direct relationship with Patio Andaluz

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