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Quito Ultimas Noticias 15k: More than 15000 competitors

Quito Ultimas Noticias 15k

Yesterday (June 1st. 2008) was celebrated the most important athletic race of Ecuador, more than 15000 athletes ran in the streets of Quito at 2800m of altitude. The race started at 8h30 am. The first position in the men´s category was for a Kenyan athlete: Isaack Kimayio (46 min, 12 sec). And in the women´s category, the Mexican Karina Pérez won the race (53min 31sec).

I ran the race, it was so much fun!, thousands of athletes, hundreds of people cheering up. There was some fun people racing as well: a racer running with a tie suit and a briefcase, another guy dressed as a doll.

For me, this kind of races are a great source of motivation when I see men and women in their seventies (such as my boyfriend´s father) showing younger people that we have no excuse for not excercising and dreaming big. There are also persons with disabilities, that are showing that there are no limits for the human will.

I finished the race in 1:15:40:25, and got the 29th. position in the 20 to 29 years old Women´s category. I dedicate this race to my nephews Ethan and Isaac . . .

You can check the results at (My tag number was 415):

Quito Ultimas Noticias 15k

The Atahualpa Stadium receiving thousands of athletes

Here is a Google map of the route.
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