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Papallacta Hot Springs: A Dream Adventure Spa on a dormant Volcano

Papallacta: Health, Recreation, Adventure and Rest

Papallacta is one of the places we offer a lot in our tours. Here we will give a traveler’s a view of Papallacta Termas and Spa. As a disclaimer, we have no direct interest in this location. We (this blog and Barefoot Expeditions) suggests it because we have tested the service and the facilities and we have had a very good experience when we use Papallacta Termas and Spa for our tours.

Where are the Papallacta Hot Springs?

Papallacta is about one hour from Quito, Ecuador. Located at the highest point of the Andean pass on route to the Amazon jungle. Located at 3,300 meters of altitud you will find an unique place established in 1994: Termas de Papallacta Spa & Resort. The hot springs in Papallacta are the most beautiful of Ecuador.  A perfect place to start your trip or a place to rest during an active tour.

The Spa

The Spa area consists of five hot thermal pools and one cold pool. In a private and exclusive environment you can enjoy different treatments: Individual hydro massage baths, body treatments with medicinal Andean mud, baths in the thermal cave, Finnish saunas, pressure massages, aromatherapy or therapeutic massages, face and body treatments and more!

The Hot springs

The hydrothermal value of Papallacta is thanks to its location between the Volcano Cayambe and Antisana. The temperature of the thermal baths varies between 30 and 70 degrees Celsius. The thermal waters contain sulfates, sodium, calcium, chloride and traces of magnesium which are odourless, colourless, but have a little salty taste.

The Papallacta Hotel

The hotel has 32 rooms, each with heating and a private bathroom. The rooms are situated next to the thermal pools for exclusive use of our guests.

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