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Terms and Conditions

Find out about the terms and conditions, the delivery of products, delivery times and our return policies.

Transactions made through the Ecuador Expeditions website ( are subject to the Terms and Conditions described below.

  1.  Registration

As a client when you accept the service, you must provide your credit card information, security code and expiration date to our commercial advisors that will contact with you directly to your phone.

  1. Personal Data

Once the credit card information is registered and the information is validated in the system, the customer’s personal data will be entered: name, identification number, home or work address, contact telephone number, email (if any)

  1. Purchase Process

The customer will receive a phone call based on their profile and socio-economic level. The consultant who takes contact will explain the services and benefits that the client has access to through the limited time offer.

  1. Prices

The prices of this product will be published on the website of the company, there is a single rate of 399 USD, through which the client has access to all the services and benefits which are explained in detail at the time the consultant gets in contact with the client. This service has 1 year validity from the date of the customer’s affiliation.

  1. Payment Methods

In order to proceed with the payment of the service, the customer must have a credit or debit card issued by any bank, with the necessary balance to proceed with the respective transaction.

It is also possible that the client makes a deposit or transfer directly to the company’s account to acquire the benefit.

  1. Purchase Security and Anti-Fraud Procedure

In order to ensure the protection of our customers Ecuador Expeditions will adopt all necessary and prudent measures to safeguard the security of your credit card data. In case of detecting important changes in the information that has been registered on the web site, or in case of any irregularity in which the data delivered by the client does not match at the time of making the transaction, Ecuador Expeditions may have to cancel the purchase. This procedure is designed for the safety of the customer, also a person responsible for the Ecuador Expeditions Customer Service will contact the customer by telephone or e-mail within 72 hours of the purchase with the objective to validate the data delivered. If the customer cannot be contacted to validate their data, they will suspend the purchase until their confirmation. However, the confirmation data for the steps taken to contact and confirm the operation will be available in our offices for 30 days. Any inquiry can be made by calling our Customer Service through the number +59322248614.

  1. Delivery and Reception of the Product

Under normal conditions, the delivery time of products is between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., except for exceptions that will be informed by the person in charge of the logistics department. When the order arrives, it is essential that the customer or the person that receives the product fully checks the product in detail. Once satisfied with the delivery, the client will have to sign a referral guide. Once the referral guide is signed, Ecuador Expeditions understands that the products were received by the client. The person that receives the product must be over 18 and have to show their identification card. In case there is no compliance with the delivery, the customer must write the reason for the rejection on the delivery guide, and then contact our Customer Service through the number 022248614 in order to find a solution in the shortest time possible.

  1. Dispatch Times

The delivery time of a product will depend on the delivery address. It is estimated a maximum time of 15 working days and the dispatches are made from Monday to Friday. Weekends and holidays are not considered for the delivery period. There are localities that, due to their distance from main cities, may take longer periods, this additional delay will be notified by the company’s logistics department

  1. Follow-up / State of Dispatch

The client will be able to consult without any inconvenience the status of his delivery with his name or number of identification communicating with our Customer Service through the number +59322248614 from Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 5 pm.

10. Product delivery conditions

Responsibility of the person in charge of making the delivery will be limited to:

Make delivery of the product at the address indicated in the dispatch guide and thoroughly review the product and the product status to verify possible physical damage.

  1. Sending acceptance letter

All products will be sent with an acceptance letter attached to the packaging of the order. This must be signed and enclose with the copy of the recipients ID, to ensure that the delivery was made properly

  1. Cancellation Policies

The client may request the cancellation of the service within 10 days after receiving the product once the following conditions are met:

  •         The customer will have to show the Return Guide of the product or other reliable proof of purchase.
  •         The product must not be broken, tested or used.
  •         The product MUST be sealed, with its complete original packaging. This means that the stamps, box graphics, interior pens, moorings or others cannot be broken.
  •         Must return all the accessories and promotions paid or free.
  •         The cancellation policy has a time limit of 30 days once all the parameters have been approved according to the policies. The money return is done via bank deposit to the account of the client who has requested the cancellation of the service.

13. Return or Change Policies for Product Damages or Failures in the same

If you wish to request the return of your purchase you can do so through our e-mail, or by calling our Customer Service number +59322248614. To do so the product must be in perfect conditions. If the product you purchased did not have the features reported, arrived damaged or incomplete, you can change it immediately by delivering it directly to our offices.

IMPORTANT: If the product is not in the declared conditions it cannot be returned, in that case the client must contact the Call Center to coordinate an alternative solution.

If you want to cancel a purchase through the Call Center but the product has already been dispatched, you must pay additionally a value for penalties of operating costs, for this you must contact the Customer Service at +59322248614

If, when the product arrives, you refuse the delivery for a reason beyond the responsibility of Ecuador Expeditions, the cost will not be returned without a request from the customer directly with the customer service center.

  1. Legal Draft

The consumer may not unilaterally terminate the contracts concluded with Ecuador Expeditions. However, you will enjoy the legal guarantees and the additional benefits to the Consumer Law that have been indicated above.