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The Top 10 Most Exciting River Runs Ecuador

Ecuador is a country blessed with huge Andean slopes and deep Amazon valleys. These combination of Andean Mountains dropping into the Amazon jungle forms tremendously fun rivers for kayaking and whitewater rafting. Fast moving water combined with temperate weather makes rafting and kayaking a super enjoyable activity.   We’ve collected the top 10 most exciting whitewater river runs in Ecuador for you to enjoy.


At a glance: Morona Santiago Province, Sucua is the nearest town. Class IV, IV+

The Upano is a dream come true. The River of the Sacred Waterfalls so deep in the Amazon jungle that its sheer solitude makes you be one with nature once again. Class IV and V rivers surrounded by waterfalls, deep green vegetation and jungle citizens that have inhabited the area for centuries.

To read more detail about the Upano please read Upano River. Rafting the Canyon of The Sacred Waterfalls


At a glance: Napo Province.  El Chaco, Class IV, IV+


At a glance: 2 secciones   Prov. Napo.  Tena, Class IV, IV+


Prov. Napo. Tena, Class IV


Prov. Imbabura. Intag, Class IV


Prov. Santo Domingo de los Ts’achilas. Los Bancos, Class IV


Prov. Napo. Tena, Class III


Prov Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas. Santo Domingo, Class III-IV


Prov. Imbabura.  Ibarra Class III-IV


Prov. Napo. Tena, Class II-III

Considerations for this ranking:

  • We’ve mentioned the province to which they belong, the closes city and the river class.
  • All of these rivers are commercial.
  • Barefoot Expeditions operates trips in all the rivers mentioned above.
  • We did not list any rivers in the Banos area because they are contaminated and we do not support the utilization of those rivers for water activities nor we endorse the blatant disregard by the authorities of the issues that these rivers face.


  1. Ecuador, it’s name of a beauty of nature no doubt Latin America have many best tour places but i think Ecuador is best not in only Latin America it’s best tour place  than all world tour places. i want tell you all what’s making different to Ecuador than other:
    Top River:
    1. Upano River
    2. Misahualli river. Blanco River  etc. here you enjoy wildlife tour with best boating & riding time, these all qualities are making so different to Ecuador than other tourist countries.

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