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Vuelta al Cotopaxi: Mountain Biking (Adventure) Race in Ecuador

“Vuelta al Cotopaxi” is a mountain biking race that goes all the way around Cotopaxi, an active volcano in the western part of the Ecuadorian Andes. It is an annual event that this year is joining 300 people: 150 2-person-teams. It is a tough race, because competitors have to ride their bikes for 140 km (88 miles) over 3000 meters above sea level (9500 feet) for 2 days (sat. nov 25th & sun. nov 26th). The teams are divided into five categories: men’s, women’s, mixed teams, master’s and super master’s.
For the people that is racing, “Vuelta al Cotopaxi” is is more than a competition, it is an adventure, a friend’s trip and a personal challenge.

Check out the route the competitors have to complete around Cotopaxi volcano.

Click here to watch the promotional video of the race


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