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Zip Lining (Canopy) in Ecuador

Zip Lining Canopy Ecuador
Zip Lining Canopy Ecuador

Ecuador in its small size has many different ecological environments and dozens of fun activities on each place. One of this activities is zip lining (canopying), which is rather new in Ecuador. There are maybe only 6-8 places across the country where you can do zip lining.

zip lining Ecuador

Zip lining is a safe adventure activity that works well either for kids (5 and up) or for adults. Does not require any kind of experience because all the gear is manipulated by a trained person -and also if you do not feel comfortable doing it alone, they can go in tandem with you-. You do not have to do much, just enjoy the flight!.

My favorite canopy place is “Tucanopy” in the Cloud Forest in Nanegalito, a town in the northwestern side of Quito. Tucanopy is a family run business that raised up because of their proffessional background as biologists and their intention to preserve their land as a natural protected area. The zip lining business brings them money to fund conservation projects. And brings them people to whom they can talk about the need to preserve such forests.

zip lining Ecuador

zip linig Ecuador

zip linig Ecuador


  1. I would love to zip line in Ecuador!  The hardest part for me is getting up to the platform.  How many ladders to the top?

  2. @jay hope your galapagos trip was nice. You can do a tour of the area in Banos — you can do rafting, kayaking, biking and relax at the hotsprings if you like. We can hel pyou with that. Depending on what you want to do, the cost might vary but the cool thing is that we are super flexible in terms of itinerary so traveling with kids in Ecuador will not be an issue.

    Please email us at info @ so that we can work out the details.

  3. Hello I am going to be in quito for one day. have young boys who want to go ziplining. what do you sugest in quito? Otavalo is out. we don’t want to do shopping. we are leaving for galapagos for 3 days. the tucanopy site is in spanish which I don’t understand

  4. Visited less than 2 weeks ago and had a blast! Were on mission with team from florida and this was the highlight of our downtime! Highly recommend.

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