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Peguche and Otavalo Artisan tour with Barefoot Expeditions

The Saturday market in Otavalo is definitely a must see for most tourists who visit Ecuador – indeed the market is huge and a paradise for anybody looking for souvenirs, handcrafted local products and jewellry. But to truly appreciate the handcrafted items, we decided to do a tour to the surrounding villages to see the artisans at work. We start our tour with a visit of the Peguche waterfalls outside of Otavalo, a sacred place to the local indigenous people, which gets extremely crowded during the Inti Raymi Festival on June 24th, the Festival of the Sun. A big party with music, dancing and cleanings by shamans is held at the waterfalls – a wonderful place!

The Top 10 Most Exciting River Runs Ecuador

Ecuador is a country blessed with huge Andean slopes and deep Amazon valleys. These combination of Andean Mountains dropping into the Amazon jungle forms tremendously fun rivers for kayaking and whitewater rafting. Fast moving water combined with temperate weather makes rafting and kayaking a super enjoyable activity. We’ve collected the top 10 most exciting whitewater river runs in Ecuador for you to enjoy.

Easter Week In Argentina: A Mix of Nature and Nurture

At Easter, 2.4 million people are expected to visit different touristic sites in Argentina. Easter in Argentina is a magical mix of religion and revolution. From the capital to the estancias and cities perched in the Andes, the country celebrates this holiday with a mix of devotion and passive revolution.

Waorani Expedition In Ecuador

The night bus from Quito to Coca leaves at 9:30 pm at the terminal of “Transportes Esmeraldas”on February 12th. The night bus back to Quito from Coca leaves at 8:30 pm or 9:30 pm on February 16th. (Recommendation: Please buy your tickets at least 3 days before the trip! If you prefer, we can buy the ticket for you!)