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Top Reasons to Travel To Quito, Ecuador

Wonderful mixture of Old Spanish Colonial city center with the modern amenities of an international metropolis. This combined with a strong indigenous influence from the Andean and Coastal tribes creates an atmosphere that differentiates Quito from the rest of the South American capitals.

#1. The Old City, Quito Colonial

Quito Center at night

Recently renovated. Quito historic center boosts a wonderful combination of old Spanish mansions and churches dotted with little cafes serving traditional finger food as well as international cuisine.

You can take walks at midnight through the beautiful streets of the Centro Colonial in Quito. A classic South American city that will make you feel welcomed. The city has experience tremendous cultural growth over the past few years. After the dolarization of the country (US currency is the official currency) Quito has seen an influx of South American folks looking for a better standard of living. To make things even better, the New York Times has put Quito as one of the places to go in 2008! Please check the link at the end of the post.

#2 The Great Outdoors


Within a three hour drive from Quito there are several natural preserves, mountains and volcanoes. There are dozens of day trips that you can take while you continue to enjoy Quito at night.

You can reach the Cotopaxi Volcano, the highest from the center of the earth. Even higher than Everest. Papallacta volcanic hot springs is a great place to relax. Pasochoa for hiking and canopying (zip lining) is a wonderful choice.

#3 Language Schools

Quito Student
Spanish language schools are everywhere in the Amazonas area in Quito. You can sign up on the spot or reserve in advance. The cost varies from $3 to $15 per hour depending on the quality of the school and the teacher. Usually one-on-one lessons is the way to go. Ecuadorian Spanish is regarded as easy to understand and simpler to learn. Learn Spanish in Quito and you will be able to communicate across the world.

What the New York Times says about Quito:

If you’ve been to Quito, Ecuador, there’s a good chance you were heading to the Galápagos. But Quito, the colonial capital perched 9,200 feet up in the Andes, is no longer just a whistle stop. The city’s crumbling historic center, one of Latin America’s least altered, has been reborn after a seven-year, $200 million renovation. And a crop of upscale hotels has arrived, including a JW Marriott (, making Quito a glorious new center in the so-called Middle of the World.

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