Barefoot Expeditions is a travel company based in Quito and California, with unique trips all over Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. We are specialized in adventure travel and offer tailor-made tours for individual travelers or groups according to your particular needs. We provide personalized and reliable service in Spanish, English. Our mission is to enable you to spend the vacation you have always dreamt of in Ecuador – close to nature, full of extraordinary experiences and cultural insights… a unique experience you will never forget.


We believe that a new breed of travelers has emerged in the 21st century. A traveler that is aware of cultural differences and the fragility of wildlife and far more knowledgeable than ever before

QuotationMarksWe strive for the challenge of serving this new type of traveler. We stand for low impact yet mind-blowing trips in Ecuador. Since 2005


We can adapt to your budget and tailor the trip to your travel needs.

Barefoot Expeditions has been working since 2005, making trips in Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands, and Peru.


All our trips have been tested and experienced to be able to give you the best advice possible

Barefoot specializes in Adventure Travel & Galapagos trips.

Our guides are one of the most experienced & professional in each adventure. We know that there is a level of risk in our trips, and an experienced guide makes a big difference in safety.

We have first-hand travel-experience to share. We work a group of guides that have been continuously working for travel companies like G Adventures, Adventure Life, Intrepid Travel, and others.

Barefoot Expeditions work with local guides, family-owned hotels, Drivers, local guides, most of your payments go to local people and to areas where tourism industry helps to preserve nature in an Eco-Logic way.

24/7 Full support immediate responses for last-minute requests and during your trip to Ecuador. Follow-up before during and after the tour. We offer exceptional service in English and Spanish.

Barefoot Reinvest Sustainable Policy

  • Barefoot Expeditions will reinvest in sustainable development projects to protect Nature and Wild Life.
  • We believe we can make a positive impact on our Planet trough Eco-Logic Traveling Policies and Sustainable Use of Resources.

Barefoot Expeditions


Each member of our team has unique abilities and expertise that support our work.


Diego Altamirano

Barefoot Founder & CEO
Barefoot Founder & CEO

Diego is an adventure traveler with a passion for adventure and Ecuador, his homeland. Diego is a National Adventure Guide, runs, and coordinates all the Barefoot Expeditions Trips. He has more than 15 years of experience in adventure travel, he is a mountain climber, whitewater paddler, and traveled many countries around the world, and now he wants to share his passion with Barefoot Expeditions creating unique adventures.Linkedin Diego Altamirano

Franklin Varela

Trekking & Climbing Guide
Trekking & Climbing Guide

Franklin is a fierce adventurer, he is one of the most experienced mountains and trekking guides in Ecuador, his expertise is in mountain climbing tours in Ecuador and Peru. Also, he is part of the rescue high mountain climbing team.

Henry Palacios

Canyoning and Paragliding Guide
Canyoning and Paragliding Guide

Henry is a very active person that likes to travel and stay on the route, he Paraglides professionally, in Ecuador and Dubai. His hometown is Baños de Agua Santa, a little piece of Heaven as it’s named after.

Gregorio Andy

Jungle & Whitewater Guide
Jungle & Whitewater Guide

Gregorio loves nature and adventure, he is a whitewater kayaker class V, also runs his own cabins in the Jungle. He was born in the heart of the Amazon Jungle and is native from Quichua culture, Gregorio leads our whitewater and jungle trips, he speaks Quichua, Spanish, and English.

Jacob Tangoy

Amazon Jungle Guide
Amazon Jungle Guide

Jacob is a Naturalistic expert jungle guide, he was born in Nuevo Rocafuerte in the border with Peru along the Napo River. He leads the tours to the Yasuni Park, one of the most biodiverse places on the world, and to the Waorani Territory to get to know ancient tribes into the Jungle.


Barefoot Expeditions work with many providers. We work with hotels, transportation companies, private properties, local operators, airlines, receptionists, Amazon lodges, boat operators, insurance companies, national guides, adventure guides, native guides,  professional drivers, gear stores. There is a lot of people involved to make your trip unforgettable.

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