Explore The Andes in Ecuador

The world’s longest mountain chain that crosses through Ecuador, dividing it into three chains of mountains, creating a heaven for mega-diversity over the Equator Line – in both cultural and natural aspects. These mountains and snow-capped volcanoes route adopted the name of  “Avenue of the Volcanoes” by 19th-century traveling scientist Alexander von Humboldt. The lower lands provide valleys for human habitation, many with distinct cultural identities one from another, as well as cities and towns to explore. And every peak, ridge, and highland moor creates a heaven for pumas, llamas, and Andean Condors, as well as the perfect playground to explore the Andes with Barefoot adventures in Ecuador.

The world’s longest mountain chain that crosses through Ecuador

Culture, Volcanoes, Traditions and delicious food

Andes Adventures

Cotopaxi Climbing

The Cotopaxi is one of the Highest and most active volcanoes in the world, technically is not too difficult and

The Avenue of the Volcanoes

3 days highlands adventure, running for 200 miles south of Quito between two parallel cordilleras, Ecuador’s “Avenue of the Volcanoes”
quito city

Quito City, Pululahua & Middle of the World

The most complete Quito day trip including Pululahua, and Rumicucho a couple of gems of Quito as well.

Quilotoa Loop Hiking Tour

In the Quilotoa Hiking trekking tour, you have some spectacular views of the unique Andean landscape, we hike from Insilivi

Along the Volcano Avenue, you can make from 1 to 6 days Tours from Quito to Cuenca and Guayaquil, in this trip you can see amazing views on the Andes, share with the Quichua culture daily routine, stay in amazing hotels and mountain lodges, ride the devil’s nose train and much more, please explore the several options below.

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Ecuadorians are strange and unique beings, they sleep peacefully amid smoking volcanoes, they live in poverty amid incomparable wealth and they cheer up with sad music.

Alexander von Humboldt