Want to lie in a hammock and not move until cocktail hour? We’ve got a trip for that. Want to power up the side of a mountain at high altitude? We’ve also got a trip for that. To determine what type of trip suits you best, each of our trips comes with a Physical Rating to let you know how physically demanding it is… or isn’t.


Levels of Activity:

Relaxed:  These trips are a relaxing break. You don’t have to worry about doing anything physically demanding unless you want to.

Easy:  Some easy physical activities included in your trip. No physical preparation is required to make the most of the journey.

Moderate:  This trip will raise your heartbeat. Moderate physical activities are included and a good level of fitness is required.

Prepared:  Be prepared for some physical activity. The fitter you are, the more you’ll enjoy it, as most activities will be challenging.

Challenging:  Our highest physical rating. Get ready for a heart-pumping adventure with plenty of challenges and some extreme conditions. You’ll be required to be seriously fit or have previous experience for this trip as difficult activities are included.

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Our styles of travel – Budget, Young, Active, Classic, Family, and Comfort – cover a whole gamut of travel experiences. To find out which one is best for you depends on several factors,  depends if you are traveling for example in a couple or in a group, for a big group we need a bigger hotel with more services to give all the comfort possible to guests so they can rest for the next day tour, also if there are children  or a family usually we choose hotels with pool so the child can spend all their energies in the pool, instead if there is a couple we will choose more intimate private hotels or boutique hotels more romantic style.

Hotel with pool

Depends on your budget, we can adapt to your budget without losing any part of the trip, we have also budget hotels family-owned with very good service clean and secure.

Another type of trip is the Active adventure trip were during the trip you stay in campings, tents or mountain lodges into the wild.

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