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Adventure Travel

Ecuador is famed for its nature, and we love to use it as our playground, join any of our tours, and experience nature from inside practicing adventure sports. We are a professional team and will make sure you stay safe and have fun during the trip. We work with a wide range of activities and levels of adventure, Raft, climb, trek, Kayak, fly with us, and experience freedom.

All our adventure trips have been tested to be able to give you the best advice. We aim to keep it safe and fun.

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Best Rafting Ecuador

Ecuador is a whitewater paradise. Warm waters, tropical rainforest, and dozens of accessible rivers concentrated in such a small area have made the country a “hotspot” for rafters and kayakers worldwide. Barefoot Expeditions operate Rafting and Kayaking trips offering the best of Ecuador’s rivers.

There are three main areas where you can practice commercially Rafting and Kayaking from class II to IV, and enough to make your heart pump and appreciate the beautiful nature, from easy to challenging, our guides are well trained to take care of you.

The main area is in the eastern Andean slopes, where you can find the Quijos river a solid class IV river around the area of Baeza. More into the Jungle close to Tena, you can find the Jondachi river a beautiful class IV, and the classic run, the Jatunyacu river, an enjoyable class III perfect for families with kids.

On the other side of the Andes, there are some very nice runs as well, the Toachi and Blanco a classic class III & IV, or the Upper Blanco section class III-IV are some of the best rivers runs in the area.

In Ecuador, you can find one of the best river rafting expeditions on the world. The Upano river is in the top best rafting trips in the world by National Geographic. A multi-day river rafting trip into the Jungle, starting in Macas and navigating trough the Namangosa George with incredible scenery and powerful rapids class III and IV. Usually, this trip we run in December and January when the water levels are perfect for running this fantastic trip.

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