Top Rafting Trips in Ecuador

Napo River Rafting

Here are the most visited rivers for rafting. Ecuador has more density of rivers than any country in the world. In one area you can find rivers from class one to six. The water route begins in the Andean highlands where little streams form and go down to the Amazon basin in the west, and to the Pacific coast in the east.
The rivers we travel are easily accessible, are clean water and mild climate, perfect place for rafting.

Moderate. Medium-quick water; rapids with regular waves; clear and open passages between rocks and ledges. Maneuvering required. Best handled by intermediates who can maneuver canoes and read water.

Rafting Class II

Napo River

The Napo River is one of the main tributaries of the mighty Amazon river, after the class 3 section, it comes to a calmer part of class II rapids, on the way you can enjoy the view of the Amazon Basin and different geological formations. This trip is perfect for families and kids, we take a delicious box lunch with fruits and drinks to eat on the way.

Mulaute River

The Mulaute River is at the end of the cloud forest on the western Andean slopes. The Mulaute its a beautiful calm class 2+ river, green water and fantastic scenery, this is the perfect add-on to your Mindo Adventure trip or on the way to the beach, great for friends, families and kids

Moderately difficult. Numerous high and irregular waves; rocks and eddies with passages clear but narrow and requiring experience to run.

Rafting Class III:

Jatunyacu River

The Jatunyacu Class 3 and 3+ river, one of the favorites in Ecuador, the location is in a pristine area at the end of the Llanganates National Park, the water comes for the glacier of the Cotopaxi Volcano. At the headquarters, you can see the end of the cloud forest and the start of the Amazon Basin, in this area there is a lot of birds that you can spot from the raft. Also, while you go down, you will pass by amazing rapids with beautiful landscapes and green water. Depending on the level of the river, the waves can be as big as a house, on the way you will pass by several Quichua Communities where they use to be fishing or washing for Gold.

Toachi and Blanco Rivers

The Toachi and Blanco Rivers located at the western Andes slopes. This trip has become our most popular rafting trip, because its difficulty fits perfect either to experienced rafters or beginners. The incredible scenery along the way is a plus to make a memorable day full of adrenaline you will never forget! class II-III+ River.

Long and powerful rapids and standing waves; souse holes and boiling eddies. Powerful and precise maneuvering required. Visual inspection is mandatory.

Rafting Class IV:

Quijos River

The Quijos River is in the eastern Andean slopes, in the area of Baeza and EL Chaco. The World Rafting Championship was held here in 2005, it’s a continuous class 4 river, powerful and beautiful.
The section on Linares Canyon is the clas 4, 4+. The season to run this River is from October to March in the Jungle summer. Suitable for adults with basic swimming skills.

Jondachi – Hollin River

The Jondachi is in the Jungle side of the Andes, it’s a warm river, a little steep at the beginning until you meet the Hollin then becomes a world-class river rafting with solid class IV rapids.  Beautiful waterfalls, forests, otters surround the river, in the end, you can find Petroglifos from ancient civilizations that populated the area.

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