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Galapagos Elements (Maexgal) offers this 5 days / 4 nights island hopping adventure program in the world-famous Galapagos Islands. This tour is designed for families and adventurers looking for close contact with nature while enjoying the fantastic landscapes and marvelous flora and fauna of the Enchanted Islands. First, we will visit the magnificent spots on Santa Cruz Island where we will visit the beautiful Tortuga Bay, the well-known Charles Darwin Research Station, “Los Gemelos”, and a giant tortoise farm in the highlands. Our next stop will be on Isabela Island, where we will see “Los Humedales” (wetlands) and enjoy the fantastic Tintoreras area where we can observe marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins, sea lions, etc.

Highlights: Galapagos Highlands, Charles Darwin Foundation, La Grietas, Tortuga Bay Beach, Tintoreras Tour & Snorkeling

Activities: Snorkel, Barefoot Beach Walking, Hike, Speedboat Ride, Swim.

Ikala Galapagos
First Class
Iguana Crossing Galapagos
First Class
Galapagos island hopping shuttle
Galapagos island hopping shuttle

Iguana Crossing Boutique Hotel
Isabela Island – Galapagos

Ikala  Hotel
Santa Cruz Island – Galapagos

Day 1: Flight to Baltra – GPS, Visit the Highlands (Rancho Primicias), Lava Tunnel
Day 2: AM: Tortuga Bay Beach
PM: Navigation to Pto. Villamil (Isabela Island)
Day 3: AM: Tintoreras Islet
PM: Tortoise Breeding Center & Humedales (Wetlands)
Day 4: AM: Navigation to Pta. Ayora & Interpretation Center
PM: Bay Tour
Day 5: Flight Back to Mainland from Seymour airport in Baltra


Galapagos Island Hopping “First Class” tour

Galapagos Island Hopping First Class 5D/4N

  • Discount for families and groups. Private  & Flexible departures with a minimum of 4 people.
  • Prices are per person based on double occupancy. Single traveler prices are available upon request. Internal flights are $300 per person. All prices and fares are quoted in U.S. dollars and are subject to change.

Featured Accommodation


Baltra (Airport-GPS), Santa Cruz & Isabela


Clothes for moderate Cold and very warm, Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket, sunscreen, swimsuit.


Guided excursions on the Galapagos
Transfers from and to the airport in Quito
Breakfast & Box lunch during the tours
4 nights of accommodation


Meals not mentioned in the itinerary, personal expenses, travel insurance
INGALA transit card (20 USD p. p.)
Entrance fee Galapagos National Park (100 USD for adults, 50 USD for children aged less than 12 years)
Flights to Galapagos, Flights can depart from Quito or Guayaquil (We can do the flights for you or advise which flights you need to buy)
Isabela Municipal Tax (US$10/Person).


Sea lions, frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, tropicbirds, marine iguanas, sharks, rays, penguins, giant tortoises, turtles, Darwin finches, mockingbirds, lava lizards.

Price per person (US$):

Pax Number




























SS: Single Supplement
Guaranteed group departures with a minimum of 5 passengers.

Galapagos Island Hopping Tours Information

  • Transportation: is made onboard of small speedboats between islands. Navigation times can be long (max 2h30) depending on the distance between the islands. We cannot control the ocean. If a swell comes in the ride can be bumpy, especially during the Garua season. If you are usually subject to motion sickness, please bring parches or pills (you can also buy pills on the islands). The parches are really effective!
  • This is an active tour: you have to be fit (be used to hiking and swimming).
  • This is not a relaxed tour. Early wake-ups are usual here on the Galapagos, to make the most of the day, as days are quite short (sunset is at 6 PM).
  • Meals during the tour are not “a la carte”, but menus. Please let us know any allergy/special diet you may have.
  • We do our best to vary meals, but remember we are on the islands and lots of products are imported or not available. Rice is a common plate here in Ecuador, chicken, and (extremely fresh!) fish as well. Your meal is always accompanied by fresh fruit juice.
  • Accommodation is in nice hotels with private bathrooms, hot water, Wi-fi. They are usually family-run businesses. In Ecuador, we get hot water with the help of gas, so in case you don’t have hot water in your shower, just inform the reception so that they can change the gas tank.
  • Almost all the accommodations where you are going to stay have WiFi, but be prepared that it is comparatively slow. But it will be enough to send some emails home.
  • Please take some good walking shoes with you. The ground can be muddy and you will feel more comfortable if you have the right shoes.
  • Be sure to bring good sun protection as the sun on the Galapagos Islands can be very intense. Don’t forget some insect repellent.
  • On the Galapagos islands, tap water isn’t drinking water. You can brush your teeth with the water, but you shouldn’t drink it (just to let you know).

24/7 Customer Support

Customize any part of your Galapagos dream vacation. Our team of experienced tour specialists have travelled to most of the destinations and have first-hand travel experience to share. Call us now to have all of your tour-related questions answered!

Diego Altamirano

Galapagos Island Hopping 6-days

Day 1:

Flight to Baltra, Highlands (Seymour Airport – GPS)

Upon arrival at the airport of Baltra Island, our guide welcomes you and arranges your transfer to the city of Puerto Ayora, the biggest on the Galapagos Archipelago. On the way, and using a local ferry, we will cross the beautiful Itabaca Canal, which separates Baltra and Santa Cruz Islands. Once on the other side, our private transportation will take us to the highlands of Santa Cruz where our first visit starts. On a private farm, we will enjoy a nice hike, during which we will be able to observe Giant Galapagos Tortoises in their natural environment.

Ikala Galapagos
Ikala Galapagos

Before the hike, we will enjoy a delicious, locally prepared lunch. Please note, that these animals are very sensitive and will typically withdraw into their carapaces as soon as they see you coming close. It is very important not to bother, touch or feed these beautiful animals. In the area, we can also observe different species of highland Galapagos birds including the tiny Galapagos Rail, and with some luck the less common Vegetarian Finch and the endemic subspecies of Vermilion Flycatcher finches. Transport to our hotel in Puerto Ayora and free time.Galapagos Turtle

Included: All transfers, accommodations (in double or twin bedrooms), English & Spanish speaking Galapagos naturalist guide, lunch, noted excursions.

Hotel: Ikala Galapagos Hotel (www.ikalagalapagoshotel.com) or Similar.


Day 2:

AM: Tortuga Bay Beach 
PM: Navigation to Pto. Villamil (Isabela Island)

After an early breakfast, we start our day hiking towards the shores of the Pacific Ocean, to one of the most beautiful beaches of the Galapagos, to the place known as Tortuga Bay. After some 40 – 60 minute walk, we arrive in the heavenly spot. The soft coral sand and lovely scenery make this a unique location for anyone visiting. The first part of the beach has strong waves and therefore not recommended for swimming, walking west, we will reach a beautiful bay of calm water. Here, we can observe colonies of marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, and marine birds, as well as mangroves, cacti forests, and interesting coastal flora. Time to enjoy the beach and then return to the town. Time for lunch at the Ikala Restaurant.

galapagos tortuga bay
Galapagos tortuga bay

In the early afternoon, our guide will pick us up from the hotel. After a short walk, we will be at the main pier of Puerto Ayora, from where a local water taxi will take us to the first-class Galapagos Element Wind Speed Yacht. We start our approximately 3-hour navigation to the city of Pto. Villamil on Isabela Island. There are great chances to observe marine turtles, manta rays, several species of marine birds, and, luckily, whales during navigation.

We will also make a detour to the islets named “4 Hermanos” (4 Brothers), where we will enjoy a fantastic view of the impressive rocky outcrops emerging from the ocean. Upon arrival to the bay of the port, a local water taxi will transport us to the pier, from where local transportation will take us to the Iguana Crossing Hotel, where we will spend the night. Note: Hotel accommodation depends on their availability. Free time to enjoy the beach. Dinner on your own.

Iguana Crossing Galapagos
Iguana Crossing Galapagos

Included: Breakfast, lunch, transfers, navigation on the Galapagos Element Wind Speed Yacht, accommodations (in double or twin bedrooms), English & Spanish speaking Galapagos naturalist guide, noted excursions.
Hotel: Iguana Crossing Hotel (www.iguanacrossing.com.ec) or Similar.

Day 3:

AM: Tintoreras Islet
PM: Tortoise Breeding Center & Humedales (Wetlands) 

After breakfast, our guide will take us to the pier from where a local boat takes you to the place known as “Las Tintoreras”, a scenic area and where during our hike, we will find colonies of marine iguanas, sea lions, and as one of the main attractions and will be able to observe white-tipped sharks known as “Tintoreras”. They are resting in the channels formed by lava flows. The area is also attractive for snorkeling activities, perhaps accompanied by sea lions, penguins, and marine turtles. Transport back to the hotel where we will have lunch. Galapagos Island Snorkel

In the afternoon, local transportation takes us to the Isabela Galapagos Tortoise Breeding Center. Our guide will explain the different activities developed by the National Park to protect this fragile environment. Here, we will also enjoy observing Giant Galapagos Tortoises of other species.

Flamingos Isabela Wetlands
Flamingos Isabela Wetlands

Then, we start our walk along a well-maintained trail that leads us to the place known as “Humedales” (Wetlands). During our hike, we will enjoy the beautiful scenery composed of lagoons surrounded by four species of exuberant mangroves and typical trees of the area. In the lagoons, we can observe flamingos and migratory birds, such as the Charran or Gaviota de Galapagos (Creagrus furcatus), the Cerceta Aliazul, etc. The walk will end near the Iguana Crossing Hotel. Free time to enjoy the beach. 

Included: Transfers, accommodations (in double or twin bedrooms), English & Spanish speaking Galapagos naturalist guide, breakfast, lunch, noted excursions. 

Hotel: Iguana Crossing Hotel (www.iguanacrossing.com.ec) or Similar. 

Day 4:

AM: Navigation to Pta. Ayora & Interpretation Center
PM: Bay Tour 

Charles Darwin Research Station

After an early breakfast, we go to the pier of Pto. Villamil to board the Galapagos Element Wind Speed Yacht, which will transport us back to the city of Puerto Ayora, where we expect to arrive at around 10:30 AM. After our hotel check-in, we will walk to the Fausto Llerena Interpretation Center. We will learn about the Galapagos National Parks’ work and observe tortoises of different species and some land iguanas. At the Interpretation Center, we will enter a special air-conditioned chamber where we will watch the embalmed body of the world-famous tortoise: Lonesome George, who is now in the exhibition. Later, we visit the small museum of the well-known Charles Darwin Research Station. After enjoying this wonderful walk, we will have some free time for lunch (on our own). 

Galapagos island hopping shuttle
Galapagos island hopping shuttle

Enjoy a 3-hour bay tour! This exciting tour starts at the port of Puerto Ayora, and it takes you for a visit to the tourist places located in the coastal areas of Santa Cruz. The tour begins with navigation towards “Camaño Islet,” where we observe a playful sea lions colony.

Eventually, on the rocky areas, we will also find some blue-footed and masked boobies. The tour continues with a short navigation to the

 “Germans bay” is a paradisiac place where we will disembark and hike on a well-marked path that takes us to the “Love Channel.” With little luck, we will be able to observe some white-tipped sharks resting in the lava canals. Then, we continue our walk towards the place known as “Playa de Los Perros.” The area is beautiful, preceded by dry forest and then arriving at the ocean’s rocky site to find a small colony of marine iguanas. The beach is not ideal for swimming. However, the landscape is scenic. Our last visit will be to the place known as “Las Grietas” (“The Cracks”), an area ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Return to the hotel for a well-deserved rest and be ready to enjoy a farewell dinner in a nice local restaurant. 

Las Grietas Galapagos
Las Grietas Galapagos

Included: Navigation on the first-class Galapagos Element Wind Speed Yacht, accommodations (in double or twin bedrooms), English & Spanish speaking Galapagos naturalist guide, noted excursions, breakfast, dinner. 

Hotel: Ikala Galapagos Hotel (www.ikalagalapagoshotel.com) or Similar. 

Day 5:

Transfer Out 

After breakfast, our private transportation will take us to the highlands of Santa Cruz (30 minutes), where we will be stopping at the natural formation known as “Los Gemelos” (“The Twins”) Craters that lies on the route to the Itabaca Canal. Los Gemelos are not actual craters caused by impact or volcanic craters. They are sinkholes created when the volcanic roof of empty magma chambers collapsed from tectonic shifts and erosion over time. The area surrounding “Los Gemelos” has a very different climate from other parts of the island. Scalesia (scalesia pedunculata) forests cover it, and it is the habitat for bromeliads, orchids, mosses, lichens, and many birds. Here, you find the vermillion flycatcher, several species of Darwin finches, and with little luck, we will be able to catch short-eared owls as well. 

Los Gemelos Galapagos Santa Cruz
Los Gemelos Galapagos Santa Cruz

Then, we continued our trip to the Itabaca Canal, and after crossing it, a public bus took us to the airport. Our guide will assist you with the airline check-in process. Enjoy your flight back to the continent (Guayaquil or Quito). 

Included: Breakfast, private transportation to the canal, English & Spanish speaking Galapagos naturalist guide, noted excursions, ferry tickets, public bus tickets. 


Galápagos recommended packing list:

  • Health and travel insurance policies
  • Photocopies of all documentation/tickets/passport
  • Ziploc bags or dry bags to keep what you need dry (books, maps, documents, film)
  • Pack towel (fast-drying, ultra-lite)
  • Toiletries** including strong sunscreen (high SPF, waterproof), biodegradable soap, shampoo, and toothpaste.
  • Feminine hygiene (tampons are especially difficult to find)
  • A full prescription of a doctor-prescribed antibiotic or any other medication you are currently taking.
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Camera and memory card (electronics are very expensive in Ecuador)
  • Underwater camera for the snorkeling
  • Swiss army knife or similar multi-tool with scissors/knife
  • Small binoculars
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Basic First Aid kit (for minor cuts, blisters, insect bites, muscle/headaches, diarrhea, and motion sickness, etc.)
  • Insect repellent (avoid repellents with strong concentrations of DEET)
  • A small backpack and money belt/pouch
  • Large garbage bags (to be used as a pack liner or cover)
  • Re-usable water bottle (such as NALGENE)
  • A travel lock
  • Sun hat
  • Light rain jacket or rain poncho
  • Lightweight, fast-drying clothing
  • Swimsuit
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers or hiking boots (for dry landings and rocky shores and the hiking to Sierra Negra)
  • Teva-style sandals (for wet landings and around town)
  • Sunglasses (with a strap is best)

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