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M/Y Aqua Galapagos Cruise

Diving LogoMid-Range & Dive ∗ 16 Guests ∗ 8 Cabins

M/Y Galapagos Odyssey

Mid Range ∗ 16  Guests ∗ 9 Cabins

On Sale

M/Y Grand Majestic Galapagos Cruise

Luxury-Class ∗
16 Passengers
Lower Deck: 1-6 Cabin /Upper Deck: Cabin 7 & Master Suite

Infinity Galapagos Cruise
On Sale

M/Y Infinity Galapagos Cruise

Luxury-Class ∗
20 Passengers
8 Cabins: 8 Stateroom – 2 Suites

Bonita galapagos cruise
On Sale

M/Y Bonita Galapagos Cruise

Mid Range-Class ∗
16 Passengers
9 Cabins: 4 Upper deck – 3 Lower deck

Galapagos Island Hopping East

5 days, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Semi-Private Land Tour with Flexible Departures

M/S Beagle Sailor Yacht

First-Class ∗
14 Passengers
7 Cabins (1 Single)

Galapagos & Andes Trek Adventure

20 days trip with the best of the Andes and Galapagos Islands in an active adventure.

Galapagos 3 Islands Hopping

9 days, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz – Isabela, Flexible Departures, visit the inhabited islands from where you can explore the best highlights of each island.

Cuyabeno Amazon Jungle Tour

The Cuyabeno Wildlife reserve tour in the Amazon Jungle is one of the best sellers in Ecuador due to the reasonable price and the amazing forest and wildlife that can be seen.