The Upper Rio Napo is also known as the Rio Jatunyacu, which means “BIG WATER” in Quichua. “Big” is probably the best word to describe this river – BIG WAVES and BIG FUN! A great trip for both beginners and experts alike, it has the perfect combination of exciting rapids, calm pools, and fabulous jungle scenery to delight everybody. Being the headwaters of one of the two rivers that form the mighty Amazon River, this is a rafting adventure that includes native communities at the shore, clean water, Amazon jungle,  that should not be passed up!



Tena, pick up from the hotel or meet up at the Tena Malecon in front of Cafe Tortuga.
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:15 AM for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM. You can have breakfast in the cafe is really good.
RETURN TIME Approximately 4:30 PM. back to Tena.
WEAR  On the River: Quick-dry shorts/bathing suit
Synthetic shirt for warmth and sun protection
Sturdy footwear – sandals with straps (no flip-flops), sneakers, wetsuit boots
Hat with a brim to protect the face from the sun
Sunglasses with retainer strap
Avoid all cotton clothing, as cotton gets cold when wet
Wear/Bring After the Trip: Set of dry clothes, shoes, and socks – warmer gear if cool temperatures after the trip.
Bag for wet clothes
What To Take in the Raft: Small tube of sunscreen that fits in a pocket
Water bottles – preferably with carabiners to attach to raft
Professional instructor Life Jackets, helmets and paddles.
Transport from Tena to the river and back All rafting Gear
Pictures of the trip.


8.30 AM – 10.00 AM: Transportation

Pick up from the Hotel or the meeting point in Cafe Tortuga and depart.


10.00 AM – 11.00 PM: Gear preparation, safety talk, paddling practice

Once we get to the put-in we start preparing the gear inflating the boats while the paddlers can change their clothes, guides have all set to start with the safety talk and then we head to the river to start the practice of command strokes


11.00 PM – 4.00 PM: Rafting

Now is when the action starts, we run the river starting with a big rapid called Pimpilala where we hit some big waves


4.00 PM – 5.00 PM: Return

After an awesome day we reach the end where the cars are waiting for us with some cold drinks, pack everything and back to Tena
rafting jatunyacu
rafting jatunyacu