Travel Requirements For Visiting Galapagos

requirements for visiting galapagos
requirements for visiting galapagos

The Galapagos Islands constitute a Special Regime for conservation reasons and particular environmental characteristics. This archipelago is administered politically and financially by the Governing Council to achieve integrated management between its populated areas and protected areas and the balance in the mobility and residence of its visitors and inhabitants.

Galapagos entrance

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Galapagos Vaccination Process on Final Steps

We are excited to inform you that the vaccination process is about to be completed in the Islands, for its inhabitants over 17 years old and for all of us who are part of the world of tourism, making the Galapagos the ideal place to enjoy a vacation.

In the Galapagos, the security regulations allow groups of up to 16 people at each visitor site, which means that social distance will be respected at all times, avoiding crowds, and therefore risks of contagion.

Puerto Ayora Galapagos Islands
Puerto Ayora Galapagos Islands


 Entering the Galapagos with a vaccination card against COVID-19 or RT-PCR test

Keep in mind that there are rigorous controls upon arrival at the international airports of Quito and Guayaquil and the Galapagos airports, ensuring the health of all visitors and the general population.

Starting July 1, passengers arriving in the Galapagos will be able to enter with their vaccination card against COVID-19 or its equivalent that shows the application of the total dose of the vaccine, which must be taken at least 14 days before their trip to the islands.

Entry may also be allowed by presenting a physical document of a negative result of an RT-PCR or antigen test taken up to 72 hours, 3 days, before arrival in the Galapagos. This requirement is mandatory for passengers over 2 years of age.

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Previous updates December  2020

Action Plan for ATC Cruises

Dear clients,

In relation to the latest updates and doubts regarding traveling and bookings, we would like to share the following information with you


After careful considerations, the World Health Organization decided against the application of travel or trade restrictions to countries experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks, read here. The evidence shows that restricting the flow of people and goods during a situation like this is ineffective in most cases and will likely divert resources that have an important positive impact in the communities. Despite this, some governments have issued travel advice that adds to the general confusion and fears.

We are aware that most screening methods, at exit or entry, are not enough means to stop the spread. This is why we are committed to following all the recommended hygiene practices in all our activities and advising all our passengers to do the same, which has been proven to be the most effective means of avoiding contagion.

Additionally, we have been taking into great consideration the ways the current situation of COVID-19 can affect travelers, and worked on implementing the best possible policies so they can travel with peace of mind. Please note the policies below apply only for ATC Cruises, we are currently working closely with all our local suppliers to get the best possible conditions for land arrangements, other cruises, and services throughout Ecuador & the Galapagos. Meanwhile, all other services will be revised on a case by case basis.

If passengers decide to cancel due to precaution:
Our standard policies apply, but 10% of the net paid can be used as credit for a future booking valid through 2021.

Change of dates
Deleted: If the passengers decide to change their travel date due to precaution:
Deleted: Our standard policies apply. However, we will offer 10% of the net paid as credit for bookings 61 days or more before the cruise departure date; or 20% of the net paid as credit for bookings 60 days or less before the cruise departure date. This credit can be used on a future booking valid through 2021.

Medical imposition
Deleted: If the passengers are unable to travel due to being quarantined before traveling, put in quarantine on arrival and it has an effect in the planned itinerary, or unable to travel due to being infected by COVID-19:
Deleted: We will give full credit for rescheduling the booking, valid through 2021. However, we are unable to cover for additional expenses booked elsewhere, such as flights, land arrangements, etc. We are unable to give any monetary refund for these cases.


Travel Advice
If Ecuador imposes restrictions to specific citizens or countries, or if the passengers’ country imposes travel advice against Ecuador and the Galapagos:
We will give full credit for rescheduling the booking, valid through 2021. However, we are unable to cover for additional expenses booked elsewhere, such as flights, land arrangements, etc. We are unable to give any monetary refund for these cases.

 For rescheduling to 2021, seasonal surcharges and/ or 2021 rates will apply.

Our operation flights with Avianca can also be rescheduled with no penalties up to 48 hours before departure.

We would like to encourage all our partners to remain calm and stay together during these unfortunate times. Remember that clear communication, following preventive measures, and avoiding alarming people will be our best allies to overcome this global crisis. We maintain our full commitment to work closely with everyone keeping in mind passengers’ safety as one of our top priorities.

In case you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact your destination specialist or marketing representative.

News about traveling to Galapagos

Earlier this week, the Galapagos Government Council issued a decree that caused many to get concerned about the possibility of entering the Galapagos. This decree mentioned that any person registering visits in the past 30 days to any of the four main affected countries (China, Italy, South Korea, and Iran), would not be allowed into the islands. After thinking about the consequences of this decision and receiving requests from the different local organizations supporting tourism, the Council has released a revised version today (resolution CGREG-ST-2020-0400-R), which goes more in line with the controls that exist in many other countries to prevent contagion related to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Please, consider that the following measures apply to all people traveling to mainland Ecuador and/or to the Galapagos Islands:

Airport controls on arrival to question and check passengers for potential symptoms.
Deleted: In case the authorities consider a person poses any risk to the safety of others around, they will be put into quarantine while tests are run to discard the presence of the COVID-19 virus.
People from any country arriving in Ecuador or the Galapagos will not be prohibited entrance without showing any symptoms of COVID-19.
We would like to remind our partners and friends that the best we can do at the moment is to make sure all passengers are well informed about the right prevention measures and avoid alarming them unnecessarily based on fake news, assumptions, or media.

At ATC, we have our COVID-19 prevention protocols active and will remain ready to act whenever needed, while keeping all passengers traveling with us informed about preventive measures and providing our guides, drivers, and colleagues with gel, alcohol and the right information to assist passengers. We are also working closely with our main suppliers to make sure we are informed in case of any updates from their side as well as their measures in place.

In case you have questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact us in our 24/7 line for emergencies.


We will keep you updated.

Royal Galapagos action plan for cancelled trips during the pandemic

Dear Diego,

Following up on the information given in recent days, everyone has felt the impact of the coronavirus. On March 14, Royal Galapagos sent a communication in which we were going to reschedule programs for our passengers from today until April 1, 2020.

According to the Ecuadorian government, the entire country will experience a mandatory quarantine of 21 days. Due to this decree, we have extended the suspension of services to include all tours starting on or before April 7.

For passengers affected by this suspension of service, we offer the following:
– Royal Galapagos will issue credit for the total net amount of the cruise, according to the final invoice.
– The credit will not include flights, transit card fees, or any other additional expense.
– Credit must be used for a new cruise on the same ship to travel until the end of December 2021. (subject to availability)
– The last day to confirm the new travel dates is October 31, 2020.
– This credit is for future reservations, for the same passengers, and is not transferable.
– Passengers must pay any difference in fare according to the new cruise date they choose.
– These policies apply to both Charters and FIT reservations.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep you informed of all developments.

Please, based on these details, we request to monitor with the passengers the decision they consider to make based on their original reservation.


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