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We specialize in customized tours in Ecuador, Peru and The Galapagos Islands. We can accommodate individual travelers or a family looking for a great adventure trip. We can also arrange for group travel needs and can customize this group experience. If you are a single traveler you may join a group tour if one is available. We choose our providers carefully and work with you to ensure that every trip is the trip of a lifetime! Browse the website to quickly explore and choose the right trip for you.

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Island Hopping On A Budget (8 Day)


$2,350 +

This is the full Galapagos Experience. The Island Hopping on a budget tours have fixed departures once or twice a month and you go on tour with max. 16 fellow travelers to explore the magic of each island. The tours include the highlights of all the four inhabited islands; San Cristobal, Isabela, Santa Cruz and Floreana and two uninhabited Island; Bartolomé, Seymour, Plazas or Santa Fe .

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Quilotoa Loop 4 or 5 day

4-5 Day

$ 450 +

In the Quilotoa area, there are a lot of incredible hiking possibilities. The high amount of small towns in this area where you can find cozy hostels makes this the ideal place to do a trekking of a few days. Every day you make a beautiful hike from town to town where you will sleep in the local hostels.  You can start the trek every day of the week.

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Adventure Loop East – 6 DAYS

6 Day

From $ 900 USD

The Adventure Loop is one of our bestsellers as it is packed with the best adventure activities at some of the most beautiful places in Ecuador from highlands through Cloud Forest and Amazon Jungle.

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Cuyabeno Jungle Expedition – Siona Lodge

4-5 Day

$320 +

Siona Lodge is idyllically situated in one of the last unspoiled native jungles in the Amazon, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. By being exposed to the untouched natural beauty surrounding the lodge, you will understand and share that these resources should be enjoyed and preserved for future generations to come. Siona Lodge is a great medium-class lodge with great service, ideal for those looking for privacy in the middle of the jungle.

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